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Lease Audits

Forensic Lease Investigation
Our Experts Uncover and Recover Lease Overcharges.

A lease is a complex and unique agreement to each tenant and often results in serious billing errors and numerous overcharges. A lease may have intentional or unintentional overcharges, which is neither new nor unique, as it is prevalent throughout in the industry. By allowing Lease Pathology Ltd. to review your lease, we can help you discover and recover real funds owed to your company.

Why Lease Pathology Ltd.?
Forensic Lease Investigation is not a Lease Audit.

A lease audit looks at surface level information; a forensic lease investigation looks beyond the surface. Most tenants are unaware of the full process to review the accuracy of their lease expenses. The full value of the lease may not always be disclosed. Some landlords take advantage of their tenants and only allow minimal access to the leasing information. These landlords sometimes act as a barrier to basic documentation concerning true costs, their conduct and activities.

We provide you with a complete solution from discovery to recovery.