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Mission Statement

At Lease Pathology Ltd. our goal is to provide the most effective tenant advocacy solutions while exercising the utmost discretion and respect when dealing with landlords and professional real estate firms. Our company operates at the highest level of integrity and professionalism. This philosophy is upheld by all employees, and it is LPL's motto to dedicate themselves to their clients' satisfaction.

President's Message

Through 30 plus years of experience in negotiating and examining commercial property leases, which included being a senior executive of a Tier 1 construction company, I have acquired a deep and intimate knowledge of real-estate property development and construction management operations and processes. I have personally observed landlords having an advantage over tenants when negotiating a lease. These situations became my inspiration to level the “negotiation table” for the tenants. It became clear that the advantage of one party created an unsustainable long-term relationship between the parties. Through the years, it became apparent that there is a need to improve this state of affairs. Thus Lease Pathology Ltd. was established.

Lease Pathology is a tenant advocate firm that works only on behalf of commercial property tenants to investigate billing errors and omissions; recover rent overpayments, and to help ensure that landlords billing practices comply with the original intent of the lease terms.
Most tenant advocacy firms that review leasing costs typically conduct a "lease audit," which is akin to simply reviewing "surface level" information. At Lease Pathology Ltd., we conduct a forensic investigation of your leasing costs. i.e. we look beyond the "surface."

Our team of experts are experienced in recognizing obscure and hidden information and are also formidable negotiators. Our combined unique experiences have allowed us to properly uncover, articulate and recover numerous overcharges.

We pride ourselves in demonstrating exemplary leadership, patience, and proficiency in pursuing and resolving claims. Our team of professionals has devoted themselves to a philosophy of surpassing our clients’ expectations with professionalism and integrity. In each step of the process, from basic information gathering to high-level settlement negotiations, we invest in the necessary time and expertise on behalf of our clients.

At Lease Pathology Ltd. we will actively and tactfully pursue each claim until it is resolved.

Mr. Gerald L. Gibbs
President & CEO
Lease Pathology Ltd.