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Frequently Asked Questions  

What is Lease Pathology Ltd.?

Lease Pathology Ltd. is a forensic lease investigation firm dedicated to the service of the leaseholder. LPL applies evidence-based investigative techniques with forensic revealing methods. A forensic lease investigation is not a lease audit. A lease audit looks at surface level information, a forensic lease investigation looks beyond the surface.

We have discussed this internally and do not believe that there is a recovery available.

Before discarding the proficiency of this service, have you considered the possibility that you may have underestimated your recovery? While clients may feel that they are able to self-diagnose and act on their own to secure recoveries from their landlord, this decision is often based upon preliminary information (surface level) and can result in a less favorable return.

We are already negotiating with our Landlord for possible refunds.

In our experience Landlords routinely grant only a small portion of a tenant’s entitlement in an effort to persuade a renewal of the lease. Thus, are you certain that you have identified the full amount of the recoveries to which you are entitled?

It is imperative that you are negotiating with clear facts that are fully supported by the necessary evidence and procedure. Without the required evidence you will be the disadvantaged party (negotiating in the dark), and your endeavors will likely prove costly in time and money to your organization.

Will your service create a conflict with our landlord?

Our services are not confrontational, and should not be perceived as such.
If you are uncomfortable with the situation and relationship with your landlord, we can perform the necessary analyses in such a manner that our involvement is unknown. The visibility of our work is left to your discretion.

I have the best accountants and lawyers.

Lawyers and accountants are not experts in discovering and uncovering hidden overcharges.

How much does your service cost?

Our forensic lease investigation fees are determined on the basis of savings realized.