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About Our Firm  
Lease Pathology Ltd.
A comprehensive lease cost investigation and recovery service.

There is an unspoken reality in the real estate industry. The reality is that the majority of people are unaware that some commercial landlords overcharge their tenants. The unspoken overcharge represents an undisclosed profit adorned by landlords at the tenant’s expense. In some cases this conduct is in direct breach of the prime intent of the related lease. The undisclosed profits can be substantial and quickly accumulate during the term of the tenants' occupancy.

Consequently, the undisclosed profit becomes a carefully defended and “valuable asset” of the landlord. The landlord is often successful in concealing their overcharges as many tenants generally rely solely on their Landlord’s “customary reports” and “detailed support” regarding a relevant year’s operating charges. Typically, such information is not equal to full and timely compliances with the lease. This strategy often extends to include certain departments therein, the landlords’ auditors, and others involved in the leasing and real estate process. Bearing in mind that tenants are generally unaware of such tactics; whether such overcharges arise intentionally or by the landlord’s oversight; tenants must rely upon experts for assistance to avoid being taken advantage of.

Lease Pathology Ltd.'s team of experts are trained and experienced in recognizing obscured information and are adept high-level negotiators. Our proven turnkey solutions allow us to properly uncover and recover overcharges. LPL will actively and tactfully pursue each claim and take the necessary action to advocate the clients’ best interest.

Lease Pathology Ltd.'s team extensively investigates all levels of information. Many of the
issues that the team is able to identify are commonly overlooked by other “lease audit experts.” Lease Pathology Ltd.’s level of customer service is the clients’ ultimate satisfaction. LPL works only on behalf of the tenant to contain costs strengthen their decision process and controls.